Learning the most effective yachting photography techniques

How To Learn The Most Effective Yachting Photography Techniques Many professional photographers prefer to choose a niche and become experts in it. This approach enables them to build a better portfolio and to attract more clients. It’s much easier to become an expert in yachting photography than in the broader sports photography niche, to give you only one example. The main idea of yachting photography is to use the right techniques at the right time. You need to capture the beauty of the boats, but also the nautical atmosphere. Yachting is a sport and a pleasure, a method of relaxation. … Continue reading Learning the most effective yachting photography techniques


Puritan, the great yacht designed by Edward ‘Ned’ Burgess and built in 1885 by George Lawley & Son of Boston which won the 5th American cup in the 1985. American’s cup has eveloved a lot since then and new technology is improving the speed and timing of these magnificent boats year on year. Here’s some images of this glorious boat. The shipping industry is booming right now with globalization going on, and luxury yachts are selling like cupcakes with the rise of the middle class What an amazing feature this is We are counting down the top 5 videos of … Continue reading Puritan

The Rolex Race in Malta

The Rolex middle sea race has been going on for several years now with great success. The participants are from all over the globe and the grand price is massive. The running costs are huge too and thanks to the sponsors the race has gained popularity and is one of the top yacht racing competitions in the world Safety systems have been put in place to make sure everyone’s safety comes first and farmost, in the past there were several injuries. “When you have massive powerful boats combined with wind and a lot of adrenaline, injuries are almost inevitable” says … Continue reading The Rolex Race in Malta