Valkyrie II and Valkyrie III

51a. Valkyrie III (1895)

104. Valkyrie III (1895)
(photo date: Sept. 10, 1895)

159. Defender and Valkyrie III
(Photo date: Sept. 7, 1895)


224. Valkyrie III


225. Valkyrie III
Photo date: Aug. 24, 1895. In Erie Basin, Brooklyn, NY.


230. Valkyrie III
Photo date: Sept. 7, 1895. Probably during the 1st race of the America's Cup trials.


237. Valkyrie III
Photo date: Sept. 10, 1895. Probably at 2nd race of America's Cup.


262. Valkyrie III, 1895.


263. Valkyrie III, 1895.
("2nd mark, 2nd race.")


279. Defender and Valkyrie III, 1895.


280. Finish of 2nd Race - Defender and Valkyrie III.
Sept. 11, 1895.


310a. Valkyrie


311a. Valkyrie


314c. Valkyrie II and Vigilant. Photo dated Oct. 13(?).


386. Valkyrie II.
Photo date: 1893. Possibly the America's Cup race.

387. Valkyrie II and Vigilant: The Start.
Photo Date Oct. 5, 1893.

Valkyrie III
was the unsuccessful English challenger to the ninth America's Cup in 1895, losing to the U.S. defender, Defender. It was designed by George Lennox Watson, built in 1893 by D. & W. Henderson & Co. of Meadowside, Partick on the Clyde, Scotland.

According to

"Valkyrie III was the third challenger designed by George Lennox Watson who had carte blanche to conceive it. But when it went to the United States to race Defender, the challenger suffered from a lack of previous competition. Launched on May 27th, 1895, it made its first test sails on June 1st. It raced three times against Britannia (1893, G.L. Watson's design) and lost twice. After an addition of 12 tons of ballast, Valkyrie III defeated Britannia and Ailsa (1895, William Fife III design) and again Ailsa in a private match. ...

"During the races, Lord Dunraven, the owner of Valkyrie III, was not at ease. He began a controversy by announcing he felt the Americans had cheated. The controversy was so big that nobody could imagine the America's Cup would continue in the future. Lord Dunraven's second failure and the additional controversy that followed put an end to his yachting career. Valkyrie III was moored and did not sail for many years. [In] 1899 Valkyrie III was refit to sail as a trial horse for the first Sir Thomas Lipton's Shamrock. In 1901 Valkyrie III [was] broken up."

"Yacht Club: Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes, Isle of White, England
Owners: Windham-Thomas Wyndham-Quin, Comte de Dunraven and Mountreal, Lord Londsale, Lord Wolverton, Captain Henry McCalmont.
Keel cutter
Sailmaker: Ratsey, Cowes.
Skipper: William Cranfield assisted by Captain Edward Sycamore
Afterguard: H. Maitland Kersey, Arthur Glennie, George L. Watson, Thomas W. Ratsey, Lady Rachel Wyndham-Quin, Lady Eileen Wyndham-Quin.

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