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7 Ways To Understand Genshin Impact Kazuha

Find information about Genshin Impact Kazuha here. It tells this wandering swordsman a lot. So, you can understand how to use this hero in the game. 

This post mentions details in brief that can be your guidance. Below is everything you need to know about this character. 

Understanding Kazuha

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The character is commonly called Genshin Impact Kazuha. He is the new five-star anime swordsman. Players also addressed him with Scarlet Leaves Pursue Wild Waves.

Kaedehara Kazuha is a ronin or a wandering samurai. He comes from the Inazuma region and has no companions, lord, or leader. Yet, he hangs out with Beidou’s Crux Fleet coming from Liyue Harbor. 

Beidou accompanies him when he is not sitting on rocks. Sometimes, he writes haiku too. Although he is gentle and carefree, this character has a troubled background with many burdens. 

Kazuha owns a signature sword named Freedom Sworn. He uses it to slash up the enemies. So, he wins every fight easily and confidently. 

His skills and abilities may compare with other characters. However, Kazuha Genshin Impact attack is weaker than Eula and Xiao. Meanwhile, it is stronger and tougher than Zhongli. 

His greatest strength is not a raw attack. Kazuha can exert a set of elemental abilities. So, players can see that he is ideal, whether for offense or support. 

Skill and Attack

Like other characters in Genshin Impact, he owns normal attacks. Players know it as Garyu Bladework. This attack can perform up to five strikes consecutively. 

Aside from that, he also has charged attacks. It allows him to consume some amount of stamina. Additionally, he can unleash the two powerful sword strikes without hesitation. 

Genshin Impact Kazuha owns a plunging attack too. Kazuha plunges from mid-air. So, it can cause damage to any opponents as he deals with AoE damage impact.

Ranran Haishi is another plunging attack. This one comes once his Elemental Skill Chihayafuru is out. 

With this attack, Kazuha Genshin Impact can do Anemo damage. He uses it to create a wind vacuum to weaken enemies closer. Because of that, he is unstoppable among other characters. 

Kazuha also gets elemental skills called Chihayafuru Press. With this skill, he can create a vacuum to pull his opponents. This skill is useful before he beats the enemies and is combinable with AoE damage. 

This skill will result in launches that can push Genshin Impact Kazuha into the air. Using this skill will initiate a plunge attack. It comes out within 10 seconds. 

This skill will activate Ranran Haishi. Besides, he can do it from mid-air. It holds the same attack, although it charges to cause more damage to the opponents. 

Elemental Burst

Kazuha can deliver a powerful strike and dashes forward with his power. By using elemental burst, he takes AoE damage to produce Ruka Akino. In this way, he can deal with another damage at the set intervals. 

However, this additional damage is unnecessary. Kazuha does not need this elemental burst when he fights the opponents. 

Passive Skill

Using Matsukaze Karyu, Kazuha build can decrease sprint stamina. It consumes 20% of the party. Yet, this skill is uncombinable with other similar passive skills. 

Another one is called a weathering blade. It can connect Chihayafuru and defeat enemies. Besides, this passive can afflict other elements. 

Weathering Blade gives advantages and results in more damage. It deals damage to up to 200%. So, this skill affects the plunging damage in the same element. 

The last is Windsong Poetics. By using this skill, Genshin Impact Kazuha can trigger a Swirl effect. Because of this, he can get an increasing number of party members. 

His Elemental damage will develop around 0.03% at every point. Apart from that, it can increase Elemental Mastery too. If players want, they can stack this damage with others having similar effects.

Ascension Materials

Genshin Impact Kazuha

Ascension Materials include Kazuha abilities. These materials can level up by revolving around two items. It allows the introduction of Sea Ganoderma and Maguu Kishin.

Applying Sea Ganoderma can be an easy task for players. It is not difficult to find, especially in the Golden Apple Archipelago. However, it is available elsewhere. 

Kazuha Genshin Impact finds these materials in the Midsummer Island Adventure. Meanwhile, Maguu Kishin or Marionette Core can be earned as a reward. Hence, these materials help to fight the opponents without spending much time. 

The materials offer various skills and attacks from level 20 to level 80. The standard one is called Vayuda items, and it applies to Stormterror or Insignia items. 

Talent Materials

This character also owns talent materials. It is from standard Diligence-series items that come from Taishan Mansion. The place is near Jueyun Karst in Liyue. 

To visit the place, Kazuha can do it three times a week. The days are Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. Genshin Impact Kazuha should not forget to bring more Insignias too. 

The Normal Attack is called Garyuu Bladework. This attack can perform five rapid strikes at most in a row. Additionally, it can result in a charged attack. 

Through this attack, he can unleash two full sword swings. Once it is out, players can see more damage results. This Charged Attack will be usual damage and consume Stamina. 


Aquila Favonia is his weapon. It is a sword with five-star qualifications. Once players apply this, they can see the drastic attack increases for Kazuha Genshin Impact. 

This character also has secondary stat boosts. It can result in physical damage of 9%. Additionally, it is stackable too with the passives. 

The weapon fits perfectly with the Elemental Abilities. By using this, he can put the enemies at risk. It can cause more damage. 

Kazuha is able to take the damage with 15 seconds intervals. If he uses Falcon Defiance, he can regenerate HP that is equal to 100%. Additionally, this damage deals with others and results in 200 to 320% of users’ attacks. 

Knowing the set for Kazuha can be simple. They are essential during fights against opponents. Hence, learn all of them to get effective results for Genshin Impact Kazuha. 

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