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Alpha Mobile Legends: The Background, Skills, and Benefits of Using the Fighter Hero

Alpha Mobile Legends is one of the fighter heroes in the game Mobile Legends you should not underestimate. It is in the form of a robot equipped with some weapons as well as a partner, Beta who helps him in attacking the enemies. Alpha can produce very big damage using his combo skills.

Alpha works also as an offlaner as the hero is strong enough to resist the lane. Besides, he can re-regen his lost health point. What’s more? Sure, there are still many more things to know if you are interested in using this hero when playing. So, make sure to read the explanations about Alpha below.

The Character Background

Alpha MLBB

Alpha was made in a laboratory in 1718. The story begins when another character, Saber, was gone from the lab. Then, a crazy and evil scientist took place in the lab and he created Alpha because he was inspired by a film he watched before.

The scientist created the hero from a human body equipped with armor from a meteoroloit. He made not only one but two robots, Alpha and Beta. Both of them are then known as the Flesh Weapon. Despite the strength given to them, their strengths also come from a mysterious supernatural power.

The crazy scientist firstly intended to make Alpha and Beta machines for war. However, beyond his expectation, the robots he made had good hearts. They tried to escape but unfortunately, Beta must be damaged so hard. A part of his body was broken.

Beta was then saved by Alpha but only the mechanic hand remained. One day, they arrived at a place namely the Land of Dawn. He asked a mechanic, Rooney, to fix Beta. It was so bad that Beta could not be back to normal. Rooney could only re-create Beta in the form of a small plane.

However, it doesn’t make Beta less powerful. The robot always accompanies Alpha in every battle and of course, they are partners that rely on each other.


Alpha Mobile Legends

Aside from Alpha build, the hero has some skills to utilize when they are needed. First, there is Beta, Advance! Beta, Advance! is a passive skill that makes the hero much stronger in the gameplay. Just like the name, the skill is given by Beta, the partner to cause the damage Alpha makes more torturing.

When using the skill, Alpha calls out Beta to attack and leave a mark on the target’s body. This way, Beta attacks the target continuously after 2 marks.

The next skill, or Skill 1, is Rotary Impact to attack the enemy. The skill enables Alpha to slash forward to damage the target. The damage itself is 210 Physical Attacks plus 90% Extra Physical Attacks. The skill also brings a slow effect up to 70% in 2 seconds. After the light wave is thrown, Beta follows it to shoot the enemy.

Skill 2 of Alpha is the Force Swing. So, when he uses the skill, a charge attack is also given to the enemy. The attack is in an area that looks like a fan and the damage is really hurting. It even brings the health point regent effect. A tip to use the skill is that you must use it maximally in gameplay to increase the chance of winning the game.

The last skill is the Spear of Alpha or the ultimate skill of the hero. The skill enables Alpha to do a dash attack on the target. The direction can be determined before the execution. When the attack successfully hits the target, it produced a stun effect. You can use it to create great combo skills in any gameplay.


tips using Alpha MLBB

Every hero in Mobile Legends has its own benefits to the player. Of course, it means you can also enjoy some benefits when deciding to use Alpha. Yes, there is the best Alpha build. But more than that, the hero has very high durability that becomes the first benefit you can get. Generally, it is a benefit owned by almost all heroes with the fighter role. Interestingly, among those fighter heroes, the durability of Alpha is considered higher. Thanks to the Skill 2, Force Swing, that makes the durability even better.

Second, the Force Swing skill also can generate health points up to 125 plus 30% of the extra physical attack. This way, not only Alpha has high durability, but the hero also cannot be easily killed.

Third, still related to the Force Swing skill, the damage given by Alpha to the target becomes more torturing. Moreover, you can also enable the hero to play really roughly no matter how the enemy’s condition. To optimize the skill, make sure to use some lifesteal items such as Bloodlust Axe, Queen’s Wings, and Oracle.

Fourth, Alpha MLBB has deadly crowd control skills. If the durability skill is had by almost all fighter heroes, this skill is likely special for Alpha. Yes, the skill is very rare to find in any fighter heroes. The crowd control effect can be activated using some skills, they are the passive skill or Beta, Advance!, the skill 2, Rotary Impact, and skill 3, Spear of Alpha.

The passive skill brings the target a slow effect up to 90% in 0.2 seconds. Meanwhile, skill 2 brings a slow effect of 40% in a second, and skill 3 brings a stun effect in a second. With those skills, it is easier for Alpha to lock the target’s movements.

The fifth benefit of using Alpha is its big damage in the early game. Again, it is a kind of skills that is very difficult to find in other fighter heroes. So, the passive skill of Alpha is a skill to make the damage brought to the target even bigger mainly in the early game. The true damage given is 150 plus +180% of the total physical attack. The skill also enables Alpha to do things like farming, jungling and killing more quickly.

Lastly, the cooldown skill is relatively short. It makes Alpha very effective in the team war. He also becomes one of a few heroes that is difficult to kill. When the cooldown reduction has achieved 50%, the cooldown durations of skill 1 and skill 2 are only in 2 or 3 seconds. Meanwhile, the cooldown of the Alpha Mobile Legends ultimate skill is up to 8 seconds.

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