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Claude Mobile Legends: 4 Unique Things about This Hero

Mobile Legends is a phenomenal game to play on your Android device. It was released officially on the server three years ago. It offers some interesting things. Claude Mobile Legends also has a great skill set, which is the best thing for the users. What is this character? How do you use it? 

What is Claude Mobile Legends? 

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Mobile Legends Claude is a marksman hero, having higher mobility than the other marksmen. It has the skill to move places, which you can’t underestimate. It can move quickly and instantly, making this hero difficult to beat. Furthermore, if you are a skilful user of this hero, you will kill it easily. Claude is a marksman with the reap or burst damage specialization, in which Claude can cause major damage. When combined with the appropriate build items and superb mobility, Claude is a killer machine in team combat.

Review of Claude Mobile Legends

Playing Claude is difficult because you require great mechanical skills. You act it to ease you into using skill to make a counterattack. The big challenge of playing this hero is that you must be smart. It is keeping your stack to avoid loss when you require it. For example, when it appears in a war or team fight, Claude is still suitable to play in the meta. Claude has some benefits that you can explore when you use it maximally. It can produce the highest possible performance, transforming it into the game’s killing engine.


1. Having Excellent Mobility

Claude is an agile hero, having good mobility. It comes from passive skills of Claude that can increase its attack speed. It also works to improve the movement speed. When the stack is full, Claude can move quickly. The use of skill can maximize mobility of Claude. 

2. Doing Quick Farming 

Claude Mobile Legends skin has a great skill to make it clear lane. When you have reached the 4th level, the ultimate skill, Claude, will be revealed. You can benefit from the ultimate skill of this game by attacking enemies and doing fast farming. You can manage the use of ultimate skills well for farming or team fights. 

3. Sustaining Significant Damage

The damage produced by Claude’s ultimate skill is very huge. Furthermore, you can build Claud Mobile Legends. You can benefit by dealing burst damage to the enemies. The mix of the maximal stack from the passive skill of Claude as well as the ultimate skill will produce damage. Thus, you must play and keep the stack well. The use of an appropriate building item will help Claude to produce major damage and effects in this game. 

4. Possessing a Good Escape Skill

Claude’s skill is great and effective to explore. You can use it as a means to escape from the enemy’s catch. Both skills assist Claude in moving quickly. You can improve the movement speed of the passive skill. It will make Claude more difficult to catch. You must explore this thing well to get more benefits from gameplay or team fights. 

Claude Mobile Legends Disadvantages

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Besides its benefits, of course, Claude also has some weaknesses, making it easy to beat. To be a Claude user, you must know the factors making it weak in gameplay. 

1. Extremely vulnerable in the early game

To be a Marksman hero, Claude is a typical hero, requiring farming to increase levels. It is working on getting the core item to make the damage more painful. It makes Claude very weak in the early game because the damage from the attack is so small and weak. It is highly recommended to avoid playing aggressively in the early games and focus on learning or farming. It is making Claude develop quickly. You can benefit from the first skill by getting a stack and dealing damage to the enemies. 

2. Mana Wastage

Claude will be wasteful if he doesn’t wear mana shoes. Of course, it becomes the weaknesses of Claude regarding this Marksman hero who relies on using the attack skill. Make sure that you can control the use of Claude’s Mana correctly to avoid a lack of mana when a war happens. 

3. High-Level Difficulty 

Claude is a marksman who is difficult to play. This hero requires good mechanical skills for maximizing every attack skill of this hero. You can use a custom mode or practice to get accustomed to using Claude when playing together with friends. 

4. Hero Crowd Control Flaw

Though it is a good escape, Claude is still weak to hero crowd control. The movement will be blocked, making it difficult to use the attack skill. When many enemies have crowd control skills, you use a battle spell to purify them. 

5. Susceptible to Hero Burst Damage

Claude is very weak to hero burst damage. Regarding this hero, he is a marksman hero with a low durability level. Make sure that you don’t fight for hero burst damage alone. It avoids an easy loss, and you will get the loss. Claude will be weak if it meets assassins like Ling, Lancelot, Hayabusa, and others. 

Claude’s Mobile Legend Skills 

To ease your fighting, you must recognize the skills of this hero. What are the necessary Claude Mobile Legend skills?

1. Passive Ability

Claude has a passive skill called “Battle Side by Side. With the help of Dexter, Claude will kill enemies. You can maintain it by taking 35% of the basic damage to Claude and the other properties. 

2. The Art of Stealing

It is an obligatory skill to produce major physical damage. Claude will mimic the movement and attack speeds of his adversaries. will then beat the enemies. 

3. Mirror Image in Combat

Claude has a duplicate skill. It can rely on Dexter in a particular location and do an automatic attack in five seconds. Through a duplicate, Claude can exchange a position with Dexter. 

4. Ultimate Skill 

Claude Mobile Legends has an ultimate skill called a blazing duet. Together with Dexter, Claude can influence the damage to the enemies for three seconds. All attacks belong to a basic attack. Claude’s skill is similar to Quad Shadow from Hayabusa. 

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