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Everything to Know About Paimon Genshin Impact

The world-famous role-playing game Genshin Impact is inseparable from a character under the name of Paimon Genshin Impact. If you are a player in this, you will know about this particular character. Of course, it is not a hero or powerful character to use in the game itself. Nevertheless, there are numerous things about this Paimon you need to know. It helps to advance through the game when you know as many things as possible about her.

About the Character

Paimon Genshin

If you are familiar with the title Honkai Impact 3rd, this so-called Paimon character is the same as the Ai-chan in that game. Therefore, it is reasonable for this character to be called Emergency Food by the community. Thus, it is clear that Paimon is a non-playable character in the Genshin Impact video game itself. It is a kind of companion for the players who will guide them through the game. In other words, the presence of Paimon is necessary for the in-game environment of Genshin Impact. 

So, Paimon Genshin Impact is a pivotal second in command for players in the Genshin Impact video game. Some players consider her as an in-game assistant. She provides valuable information time after time. Therefore, players can rely on her to navigate through the world of Teyvat in the game. This kind of character is a regular in many Japanese RPG video games. It aims to deliver the necessary guides and information seamlessly instead of just using a narrator or writings.

A unique fact about this character is that she loves food a lot. She knows everything about the food industry in the environment of Teyvat. Therefore, it leads to the popular calling for her within the community of players. She is known as the Emergency Food in the game. Unfortunately, there are too many hidden things about this character so far. The developer seems to be giving players little details about Paimon. It only encourages players in the community to theorize about her a lot.

More Things about Paimon in Genshin Impact

Paimon Genshin Impact D

Talking about Genshin Impact Paimon does not lead to as many topics as the playable characters in the game. There is no possibility to build Paimon itself to the best performance level. Yet, there are many intriguing things to discuss Paimon. Even her age is a thing that opens up a discussion in the community. The developer celebrates her birthday on June 1st by posting an update on Twitter about it. Regarding her age, she may be over 100 years old at the moment.

It is possible because Paimon knows many things in the world of Genshin Impact. She can guide players from the beginning throughout their journey very well. She may be an old elf with knowledge and wisdom in the game itself. It is only possible for her to possess that knowledge if she is an old character. Some players consider her to come from Honkai Impact 3rd. Even if it is that way, the questions remain in the air waiting for the appropriate answers.

Aside from the little facts about Paimon Genshin Impact, there are certain things about her to notice. There is no indication that she has any form of power. Nevertheless, she floats all the time in the game world. So, she is considered the only character in human form that can hover. That fact is there without a clear explanation, even from the developer. More importantly, she knows how to activate the elemental powers of Travelers. Without any vision for the Travelers, it seems to be impossible.

Furthermore, she has a unique cape that looks like the one of Dainslief. The design of the coat itself leads to the one from Celestia. Paimon may be a part of Celestia based on that matter alone. The weird thing about this character does not stop there. It gets no trust from the Pyro Abyss Lector for some reason. One more thing, Paimon never gets any attack from the archons. Although, she may be an anomaly in the perception of Raiden Shogun.

Well, it gets more interesting to talk about Paimon Genshin Impact already. The first time players discover her, Paimon is in water. She floats at all times afterward. So, it seems unlikely for her to be underwater for a while. It relates to the thing about Celestia as well. There is only one landmass of Teyvat that floats in the sky, Celestia. So, it is more likely that Paimon is a part of Celestia with two things that connect her to it already.

 Furthermore, even the legendary Hydromancher in the game cannot read either the past or the future of Paimon. It is one of the reasons that players know only little about this unique companion character. A more intriguing aspect of Paimon relates to the so-called Demonology. Venti or Barbatos and Rex Lapis are among the 72 Demons in the Ars Goetia. There is another name that connects to that matter, Paimon. So, what does that thing mean?

 It is easy to understand the ability of Paimon to help players in the game. She knows many things in the world of the game. It is the same as the name of Paimon in the Demonology text. It refers to demons or spirits who can know all kinds of affairs in the world. They can fly and breathe underwater as well. All in all, the abilities are all there in Paimon Genshin Impact. In the end, this character may be a part of that text in many ways.

 So far, the very few details about Paimon lead numerous players to investigate it willingly. They consider many aspects of the character itself that lead to many other things. It is unquestionable whether it is the aim of the developer or else. Some players may even consider that the developer is too lazy to provide the details about Paimon Genshin Impact. Nevertheless, it adds the fun in exploring the world of Teyvat in the Genshin Impact video game.

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