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Freya Mobile Legends: What Makes It Fun to Play?

Freya is an old hero that is the existence to consider. The hero is interestingly to be the player of Mobile Legends. What is Freya Mobile Legends? What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing this game? 

The Origin of Freya Mobile Legends 

Freya MLBB

Freya ML is famous as a goddess of war coming from the north of Nost Gal. Many gamers regard that Freya is to be a legend appearing from heaven if it has a war happening making the loss. When Freya appears, the lost fighter will get the spirit of Freya so that they have a winning hope again. Freya is ready to help in a war. Furthermore, for the dead heroes, Freya will bring the soil into the hero temple where the dead heroes will get a new and better life than a world. It is often called eternal life. 

Freya is a goddess of war because she was a great fighter in fighting in which the existence of Freya influences badly the flow of the happening war. When a war happens, Freya is relying on the weapon to fight and use for defending because she is a soldier bringing a sword and shield. By using a spear called Halberd, she can fight for an enemy. However, Freya died and loses her soul when she battles. After she died, the soul of Freya was lifted by the god and she became a goddess of war. She has to help war and bring the dead soldier’s souls. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Freya Mobile Legends

When you want to build Freya, you must know some advantages and disadvantages of this character. The goddess of war is a part of the heroes in Mobile Legends. 

Advantages of Freya Mobile Legends

There will be some advantages of Freya Mobile Legends that you know. 

1. Critical Damage 

This hero has a high critical damage and attack speed and defense. It means that this hero can fight for longer with good speed and defense. The critical damage is beneficial for building critical. It is difficult to lose if she has super spicy damage. 

2. Initiator Skill 

Freya is a hero fighter with better initiator skills than the other hero fighters. Freya can jump to the enemy and give a CC effect. Then, she can give high damage. Of course, Freya can be a good hero ganking in every team fight. 

3. High Endurance

When in an ultimate mode, Freya will be difficult to lose. When she fights for the enemy’s heroes, the skill is similar to Argus’ ultimate skill. However, the ultimate advantage of Freya has a longer duration. 

4. High Attack Speed 

One of Freya’s skills is improvement and speed. It can increase the attack speed of Freya when you play it in Mobile Legends. It is helpful how to use Freya in Mobile Legends when she fights for an enemy. The faster attack will give much damage in this game. 

5. A Good Crowd Control 

Freya has a great crowd control like stun. You can get this skill when you combine an attack combo of Freya with the enemies. When jumping, Freya will give a stun to the enemies. Then, he will catch them. 

Disadvantages of Freya Mobile Legends

Freya Mobile Legends

Freya heroes also have some weaknesses that you can get for playing in Mobile Legends. What are they? 

1. Buying it by Topping Up 

One of the disadvantages of Freya is to get the hero. You must top up first to get Freya in Mobile Legends. If you must top up, you can choose another hero. Secondly, you can get Freya by buying it for 599 diamonds. Of course, it is the right choice to select Freya for the first time top-up. 

2. Weak to the Attack of Crowd Control 

Freya has good crowd control. Nevertheless, she is too weak to attack crowd control. You must know that Freya is one of the heroes fighting for the front line. Every attack will appear on Freya when the team fight is running. It is better to avoid the attack of CC enemies and attack aggressively. 

3. Difficult to Farming in Early Game

Another weakness of Freya is her farming skill. When an early game is running, Freya is difficult to farm. It is different from the other hero fighters such as Roger, Leonard, and Tammuz. Of course, she requires extra time to make Freya farming smoothly. It is a step to be the best Freya build. 

4. The fighter with Small Area

The weakness of Freya is a limited attacking area. The hero is a melee hero but it has a limited range of the other melee weapons like Alucard or Thamuz that can attack enemies in a spacious area. However, Freya has a narrower attacking area. 

5. Timing Skill Users

The last disadvantage of Freya is the first skill usage requires time. You can play Freya heroes like Alucard. If the timing is not accurate, the attack fails. However, if it is suitable, the attack will fight for enemies easily. 

Freya is one of the hero fighters in Mobile Legends. This character is not as popular as the others. However, the skill of this hero is balanced with the other heroes, especially for a user fighter. Playing Freya Mobile Legends doesn’t require a complicated gameplay mechanism. The skill is easy to understand. It is one of the benefits for the Freya hero. Freya reborn is a hero fighter in a beautiful female adult stronger with a sword and shield. 

The change happens to Freya in who she is higher than before. Freya’s hair also changes to be yellow and look longer than before. Freya wears a headband on a forehead made of gold and blue diamond stones. Freya’s custom looks so simple but it is strong. Freya wears a war outfit made of silver and gold like a war custom. It makes Freya look slimming and lite to move and fight. Freya Mobile Legends is a good character to help you kill enemies. 

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