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Guide to Understanding Badang Mobile Legends

Badang Mobile Legends is one of the interesting fighters. Players all over the world pick this hero fighter. Yet, we have to know how far we understand this fighter in Mobile Legends. In this post, we will reveal some information about this hero. Let see the following explanation for further understanding.

Undefeatable Fighter

Badang ML

Most players ask questions about why we should care about Badang a lot. Additionally, why do we have to know the strength of Badang? All we know is that Badang is one of the fighter heroes. If we see other fighters, they need the item to win the game. Besides, they require experience to dominate the battle and defeat the opponents. Thus, it helps to reveal Badang Mobile Legends build power and the reason why he is well known.

When most fighters dominate the fight, most have low attack damage. Besides, they also have had low health since the beginning of the game. Because of that, players need items to support their heroes. Moreover, they need it to boost his damage and also his durability. Choosing Badang Mobile Legends can give the possibility of winning the game. As a fighter, he can dominate the fight since the earlier Mobile Legends. Thus, this hero is widespread among players in the world.

Know The Right Timing

Badang has to know the right timing during the battle. It is also similar to several heroes in Mobile Legends. He has to know the ideal timing to do a team fight. He needs to defeat his opponents.
Once he knows the right timing, he can kill the opponents at ease. Moreover, he uses the skills without difficulties. He even can use his skills in the late game.
Aside from that, players should be able to find out about another reason. They have to know why fighter heroes are under the rate at the moment. By explaining the Badang Mobile Legends build, we let them reveal a little information.
It does not mean that this hero does not give advantages. Badang and other heroes are useful, although they can be easy targets for the opponent. Moreover, people tend to go front directly and attack everything in Mobile Legends.
Here, we know that most fighters do not have crowd control skills. It makes them easy to beat by the opponents. However, Badang Mobile Legends is one of the hero fights that can handle it.
He can render enemies without difficulties. He can make the enemy team become worse and beat them. Thus, before buying Badang, you have to know about him.
The most essential thing is learning about the timing. Once you pick this hero, you have to know the right time for in and out.

Having Second Skill

Badang Mobile Legends

Badang also has a second skill as his strength. It allows him to create a wall behind his opponents. This wall can protect him from enemy fights. By using this second skill, mobile legends Badang has the opportunity to win the battle. The wall does not only protect him from enemies movement but also friends movement. That is why this wall gives advantages for him.
The wall power function is almost equal to its simple use. Badang can get out from this wall at ease. He can use his flicker skills or blink skills.

The skill enables you not to hold most assassins or Mage using blink. Moreover, it also works to keep some Marksman. Thus, it is useless for them. There is a trick to break this skill strength. You must have burst damage. So, you can get this ability in the previous game.

The Ultimate Skill

Like other heroes in Mobile Legends, Badang Mobile Legends also has his own ultimate skill. It is useful when players can use it at the right moment. The power is as strong as his second skill.

Badang’s ultimate skill has the same effect as his second skill. Before knowing the reason, it is better to understand his Ultimate skill. In this part, we will discuss it in brief. His ultimate allows him to attack the opponents. He can attack depending on the source of the ultimate. Then, best build Badang can gain Immunity for a while.

The CC Immunity keeps increasing until he ends the attack. Here, we know that Badang can not stop the attack for anything or any reason. However, this good thing has become a problem for this build hero. By applying his ultimate skill, players can only hit one direction. Of course, this direction is the one that you use. Thus, you have to be more aware of the opponents.

If the opponents use a flicker or blink ability, the ultimate skill of Badang Mobile Legends is useless. That is why players need to pay attention to this. Additionally, Badang can do a combo for the attack. He can combine his second skill and ultimate as well. This thing makes him unable to do more damage and hold the enemy.

Have No Blink Ability

Blink ability is a skill that allows hero fights to run away. Most heroes have this blink ability. Thus, they can win the game without difficulties. However, Badang does not have the ability. His skill is mostly for attacking and beating the opponents. So, he can not runway once the opponents ganked him.

Best build Badang is very dependent on his skill. He has a small amount of damage from his standard attack. Because of that, he is very dependent on his attack skill. Of course, he can use his second skill to cover his blink ability. However, the cooldown is higher. It makes players unable to use it whenever they need it.

This explanation helps us know that it also has its drawbacks. His skill is on the cooldown. You had better wait until the attack is done before Badang attacks another opponent. After some explanation above, players can identify Badang’s ability during the game. Hence, Badang Mobile Legends has unbeatable attack skills and is flexible in any situation during the battle.

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