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Lapu-Lapu Mobile Legends: Background, Skills, Benefits and Lacks of This Hero

Lapu-Lapu Mobile Legends is one of the heroes originally from the Philippines. In his country, he was a hero who successfully expel Spanish invaders. The hero has impressed the developer of Mobile Legends and they decided to use the name Lapu-Lapu as a hero character in the game.

Yes, recently, the game indeed created some new characters from Asia starting from Indonesia, Thailand, to South Korea. The character from the Philippines is then given to Lapu-Lapu anyway. Sure, the story of the real Lapu-Lapu and the character in Mobile Legends is quite different. So, are you interested to know more about the character before playing it? Here is the background.

Character Background 

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Lapu-Lapu in Mobile Legends lived on beautiful islands with many kinds of natural resources. The area was also well-known for its fertile land, warm and refreshing climate, and peaceful human communities. They lived wealthily as the yields were numerous including rice, vegetables, and fruits.

But one day, a group of invaders came and they wanted to take place the islands. Those invaders tried to rob and kill native people. As the head of the community, of course, Lapu-Lapu could not just stay quiet. He fought the invaders back as they didn’t want them to colonize their precious islands. The hero had some deadly weapons including an iron spear.

Lapu-Lapu started to plan strategies to expel those invaders. He took a pair of knives and lead his people to fight them back. Finally, they successfully destroy them all. For his braveness, Lapu-Lapu was very honored and a hero title was given to him.

But of course, attacks and invasions have not stopped yet. There were always some evil people who wanted to colonize and take place the islands for the richness it has. It made Lapu-Lapu must always be aware of any attacks on his area. One of the strategies he made is by looking for more allies to keep his islands safe. For the reason, he made a journey to a place namely the Land of Dawn.


skills Lapu Lapu MLBB

Just like other heroes in Mobile Legends, Lapu-lapu build is gifted with some skills. There are 4 types of skills including the passive skill, skill 1, skill 2, and skill 3. The passive skill of this hero is known as Homeland Defender. It functions when the stack bravery blessing has filled up. This way, the Lapu-Lapu’s basic attack is strengthened with a shield to absorb damage up to 250 plus +65% of level hero in 2.5 seconds.

The hero is also equipped with Skill 1 or Justice Blades. So, Lapu-Lapu throws 2 boomerangs forward and each of them brings damage of 175 plus +50% of the total physical attack.

There is also the Land Shaker in which Lapu-Lapu collects his strengths in 0.7 seconds while giving a slow effect of 60%to the target. Next, he stabs his sword to the target to bring damage of 250 plus +100% of a total physical attack and the stun effect in a second.

For Skill 2, Lapu-Lapu’s is namely Jungle Warrior in which he uses his sword and then runs in a direction you have determined before. The damage caused by this action is 100 plus +50% of the total physical attack.

Besides, there is also Storm Sword when Lapu-Lapu turns around his sword and brings damage of 250 plus +100 of the total physical attack.

Lastly, Skill 3 of the Philippines hero are Bravest Fighter and Raging Slash. Bravest Fighter is when Lapu-Lapu jumps and lands so that it brings damage of 300 plus +80% of the total physical attack as well as a slow effect of 60% in a second. He can turn into a heavy sword in 10 seconds and strengthen all his skills.

Meanwhile, Ragging Slash is when the hero stabs his sword 3 times in the direction that has been determined before. Two first stabs bring to damage of 280 plus +140% of the total physical attack and the last stab brings a damage of 420 plus +210% of the total physical attack. In addition, Lapu-Lapu gets an immune effect to all the crowd control effects when using the skill.


Lapu Lapu Mobile Legends

So, what are the benefits of using Lapu-Lapu in Mobile Legends? Yes, you can use the best build Lapu-lapu Mobile Legends for sure. Besides, you can also enjoy some other things rarely found in other heroes. 

One of them is the relatively short cooldown skill. It becomes the main benefit of the hero. Particularly during the late game, you can do ultimate skill spamming using the skill to get a higher chance of winning. This skill is better to use in the team fight anyway.

The next benefit is the passive skill that is easily activated. What does it mean? After the revamp, the hero enables you to get more energy because of its passive skills. The energy can be activated automatically every time you want to attack whether the hero or minion only with a few blasts. The passive skill simply brings extra energy to Lapu-Lapu. So, don’t worry about your hero will be lack of energy later.

The last benefit is that Lapu-Lapu is strong in both early and late games. This is unique since many heroes are strong in the early or late game only. It brings you more chances to maximize all the strategies you have. For example, you can play rush in the early game. Meanwhile, in the late game, it is possible to set Lapu-Lapu as an initiator to bring more damage to the enemy.


Yes, Lapu-Lapu MLBB is a great hero but he still has lacks every player must acknowledge. First, for the beginner, the hero is quite difficult to play. It is because playing Lapu-Lapu relies on good timing. Besides, using the hero means understanding all the skills he has well. The gameplay mechanism also tends to be very complex.

Next, Lapu-lapu’s ultimate skill doesn’t have a CC. Yes, the ultimate skill of the hero indeed enables you to change his skill and use it to attack the enemy in front of you. But only that. The developer previously also makes the stun effect one of Lapu-Lapu’s ultimate skills. But it was not too long, they decided to remove it from Lapu-Lapu Mobile Legends later.

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