More to Know About Class in Hogwarts Legacy

Yes, we all know that a grand excursion awaits us in the renowned school of witchcraft and wizardry, but really do you know what else awaits you once you receive your acceptance letter? There are a huge amount of classes. After all, you are a student. In the this Hogwarts Legacy classes guide, users will not only list what lessons you have, but also what you can learn from them.

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Classes in Hogwarts Legacy occur as part of the story and unlock new abilities for us as we progress, including the ability to fly. This guide will be updated as we learn more about our academic options!


Defence Against the Dark Arts
Professor: Dinah Hecat
This class is essential if you want to learn how to defend yourself against a variety of offensive spellcasters, and given that the 3 inexcusable swear words play a part in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to know how to deal with them. You will also learn how and where to duel and use offensive spells here.

Professor: Abraham Ronen

The charms class is now an excellent way to learn a wide range of spells that will help you as you travel around the world. Moreover, provided the Hogwarts Legacy consider upgrading paths, depending on your choices, this class could become your best friend.

Professor: Aesop Sharp

Potions class, unsurprisingly, is just where you understand to brew, users guessed it, potions. This can help you regain wellbeing and other stats, and don’t forget about infamous Polyjuice Potion – imagine who you could become!

Professor: Mirabel Garlick

Some plants are friendly, while others are downright dangerous, so make the most of your herbology category to learn everything you want to understand about plants and animals in Hogwarts Legacy and avoid walking into to the right type of bush while exploring the grounds.

Professor: Chiyo Kogawa

Flying class, even as name implies, teaches you everything you want to know about flying on a broomstick. After completing this class, you will be able to fly with in tournament and receive your own very broomstick. In no time, you’ll be zipping around the grounds!

That’s all the data we have had on Hogwarts Legacy classrooms for the time being, but bookmark this page because we’ll add more lessons as they become available. Meanwhile, immerse yourself in even more magic to our choices again for best Harry Potter gameplay on Switch and mobile.

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