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Noelle Genshin Impact: Weapon, Artifacts, and Skill Talents

Noelle Genshin Impact is one of the characters in Genshin Impact that you can find the first time when you play this game. Noelle is a Geo character element using Claymore. This character becomes a fourth-star hero who has the C level in the tier list of Genshin Impact heroes. Though it has a soft appearance, it becomes the hard hero that can be useful for a party member. Furthermore, if you use a suitable build for Noelle Genshin, it is working effectively. 

Weapon of Noelle Genshin Impact 

Noelle Genshin Impact

When you want to do Noelle Genshin Impact build, you should recognize the weapon lists of this hero. It is helpful to fight for the enemies. These are some weapon lists of this hero. 

1. Wolf’s Gravestone

It increases ATK by 20 to 40 per cent. When it attacks enemies with less than 30% HP, it increases ATK for all party members by 40 to 80 per cent for 12 seconds. It only happens for 30 seconds. 

2. Skyward Pride

It increases all damages by 8% after using Elemental Burst. Thus, the next normal or charged attack will create a vacuum blade causing 80% damage to the enemies on the path. It lasts for 20 seconds or 20 of the vacuum blade attack. 

3. White Blind 

When it attacks with a normal attack or charged attack, it is increasing the ATK base by 6% for 6 seconds. The effects will happen every 0.5 seconds. 

4. The Unforged

It increases the shield strength by 20 to 40%. It creates hits and smashes to the enemies for 4 to 8% of ATK for 8 seconds. You can pill it for five accumulations. It only happens for 0.3 seconds. While it is protected by the shield, the ATK effects will increase 100%. 

Artifacts of Noelle Genshin Impact 

Noelle GI

Noelle build involves the use of artifacts. There are some artifacts included in this artifact of the hero. 

1. Retracing Bolide x4

2 set for increasing shield strength by 35%. 

4 sets during protected by the shield, you will get the extra points for 40%

DMG is a normal and charged attack. 

2. Archaic Petra Set 

2 set for increasing Geo damage bonus for 15%

4 set after the hero take a crystal made of Geo Elemental Reaction, all party members will get a 35% elemental damage bonus to a particular element for 10 seconds. It is only a shape and form of elemental damage bonus that you get this way. 

3. Gladiator’s Final Set 

2 set fo attack and 18%

4 set: It happens when the artifact user uses a sword, claymore, and polearm. It is increasingly normal attack damage for 35%. 

Those are some artifacts of Noelle Genshin Impact that you can recognize before using it. 

Noelle Genshin Impact Skill Talents 

After you have understood the artifacts and things about this hero, it is time to reveal Noelle Genshin Impact skills. 

1. Normal Attack: Favonius Bladework-Maid 

Normal Attack: Noelle attacks four times continuously

Charged Attack: Noelle will spend stamina time to time to do continuing attacks to all enemies around it. 

Plunging Attack: Noelle will jump up. When it reaches the land, it causes AoE damage to all existing enemies. 

2. Elemental Skill: Breastplate

Noelle calls protective stone armor. It causes Geo DMG to attack the enemies around it. It makes a shield. 

3. Elemental Burst: Seeping Time 

This character collects stone power around the weapon. Then, it attacks the enemies around big AoE and causes Geo DMG. Those weapon recommendations and skill talents of Noelle Genshin Impact help you to play this game. 

8 Interesting Facts of Noelle Genshin Impact 

If you ask the hero helping Knights of Favonious, Noelle, a beautiful servant, handles and helps it all. There will be some interesting facts about this hero character. 

1. Dreaming to be A Knight 

It is like most Knights of Favonious members in which Noelle trains hard to be a part of them. You only wait the right time until Noelle to be an official knight in Knights of Favonious. 

2. Hardworking 

Due to dream high, Noelle is always hard working without complaining. The servants of Knights of Favonious get confused about the diligence in which she can do many duties in more places. Noelle is helpful to do the other jobs. 

3. Often Missing 

Noelle always has a principle to make the surrounding people happy and smile. She will help more people with her strength. She often ignores the limit in helping. For example, when she helps Klee with her bomb, she regards it to be a training session. 

4. Making A Trader Afraid 

Noelle makes everyone afraid of her skills in helping the knights. One of the ways in treating and caring for a trader and her family. The trader regards that Noelle knows her plan. Noelle even knows the favorite food of the trader and family. Of course, it makes the trader afraid of Noelle. 

5. Jean and Kayla Tries to Move Attention 

With the diligent character, Jean and Kaeya as a leader get afraid and worried about Noelle. Noelle has almost done any jobs. Even, it is a dangerous and most difficult job. Those are successfully conducted by Noelle. Luckily, Jean can find a smaller job to turn Noelle’s attention. 

6. Extremely Strong 

Even though it is a small woman, Noelle can lift hard furniture items. She has broken some swords when she is training. You can imagine that she is really strong. 

7. Debating Worst 

Noelle has various skills but it is not debating. She loves to solve problems with actions. Noelle is a hardworking person, not a stubborn person. 

8. Meaning of Accessories

One of the typical features for Noelle is rose accessories. Rose symbolizes a secret. To be a servant in Knights of Favonious, the head contains much more secrets and information. The rose represents the commitment to keep the secret. 

Those are some things about Noelle Genshin Impact to reveal. You can use it for fighting until the end. 

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