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The Ultimate Guide of Childe Genshin Impact

Childe Genshin Impact is one of the characters you can find in this worldwide video game title. If you have no idea about it, it is an action role-playing game from miHoYo. The anime style and open-world environment in the game are fascinating factors. Many video game enthusiasts love this title a lot. Thus, it is reasonable to find numerous guides to play the game. Of course, among the crucial elements of the game is the build of the characters themselves.

Building a character to unleash its best potential is fundamental in Genshin Impact. It is one of the things that affect the overall performance of any player when navigating through the in-game world. It is possible to build a character by understanding everything about it beforehand. Thus, if you play this game and have Childe in your rooster, you can continue below. There are numerous ways to maximize this particular character of the game. So, take a look at the general information first.

 About the Character

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This character of Childe Genshin Impact is also known as Tartaglia. The name Childe itself is the English alias for this Hydro Bow character. It is a direct translation of its Chinese calling. It means a son of a nobleman who has no knighthood at the moment. Of course, that basic info is necessary to determine the best weapons, builds, items, and many things the character can have. Many players fail to unleash the potentials of the in-game characters because they are not using them correctly.

So, how to boost this particular character? It is crucial to obtain it. Tartaglia was once available to acquire through the banner event. Back in mid-October to early November 2021, it was obtainable. So, you have to pay attention to that kind of event in Genshin Impact. The character may become available to claim in the future. If you have this character already, you can start using and optimizing it in the appropriate ways.

Getting the Best of the Character

Genshin Impact Childe is your best choice for a DPS fighter. There is no other role in your team for this character. Of course, it comes from the rarity and power level of the hero itself. It is one of the best fighters in the Genshin Impact video game. Thus, you can focus on building Childe in the so-called DPS role. You have to optimize the Burst and Hydro DPS of Tartaglia. Then, you can expect noticeable damage from the attacks of this character.

For the Burst DPS, you can equip Stringless as the weapon. It is a four-star bow that increases the burst damage and element skill by 24%. Furthermore, it boosts the elemental mastery of the character to improve the reactions from the attack out of this weapon. Then, you can incorporate 2x Heart of Depth or Noblesse Oblige. The Heart of Depth increases Hydro damage by 15%. On the other hand, Noblesse Oblige enhances burst damage by 20% and delivers a 30% overall boost.

Meanwhile, there is also the so-called Hydro DPS of Childe Genshin Impact. It is easy to maximize it by equipping Polar Star as the weapon. It is a five-star bow, which boosts elemental burst and skill damage by 12%. It also provides a stackable Byakuya Kyousei, which gives a 48% boost to the attacks. Hearth of Depth is necessary for this Hydro DPS. Four pieces of that item increase Hydro damage up to 15%. It also enhances charged attack damage by 30% in 15 seconds duration.

It is best to focus on the potential of Riptide as the unique debuff of this character. When hitting enemies with Charged Shots, Elemental Burst, and Critical Hits, Childe will mark the opponents with the Riptide. It deals more Hydro damage instantly to those opponents. At this point, it is pivotal to understand the triggers for the Riptide itself. They are perfect for delivering the highest attack potential of Childe Genshin Impact in-game character.

The so-called Riptide itself is available in four different forms. You can expect Childe to deal noticeable damage to the opponents by those forms. There are slash, burst, blast, and flash variations of the Riptide. Each one of them requires different triggers to initiate in battles.

Another thing to do in building Childe Genshin Impact is ascension. Of course, it requires the appropriate materials for this matter. You can do this for the character and the talent within itself. For the character’s ascension of Childe or Tartaglia, you need Varunada Lazurite, Starconch, and Recruit’s Insignia. The last two materials are among the world materials you can collect easily. You can get the first from either the Oceanid or Hydro Hypostasis.

On the other hand, you need more materials for the talent ascension of Childe. For this matter, you have to find Teachings of Freedom, Recruit’s Insignia, Crown of Insight, and Shard of a Foul Legacy. There is no need to worry because they are easy to find. Nevertheless, you have to understand the exact moment you can get them. For example, the Teachings of Freedom is available at the Forsaken Rift domain only on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays.

The Verdict

Childe Genshin Impact

Childe Genshin Impact character is a powerful one, indeed. Thus, it is reasonable for many players to acquire and use this character to survive the game itself. Nevertheless, the appropriate build changes everything. You can expect it to be more potent after owning the right items for Childe. More importantly, you have to master the best way to use the character itself. It underlines the importance of skills when playing a game like Genshin Impact.

Nevertheless, the uniqueness of Childe is beneficial for players. You can even change the bow of this character for some swords of water in no time. It alters the move-set of the hero. Of course, you have to be a quick learner to master that particular change immediately. There is no need to hesitate about building this character. The reason is that Childe Genshin Impact is the only bow-user hero in the game.

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