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Understanding Strength And Weakness of Hylos Mobile Legends

Hylos ML is one of the top tank heroes. His HP capability is high, with good mobility as well. Because of that, he is popular as a hero tank. 

Additionally, he is powerful and serves players with excellent initiator skills. Below are some strengths and weaknesses that help us know about this hero tank in more detail. 

The Strength of Hylos MLBB

The Strength of Hylos

It is essential to know the strength of this tank hero before playing the game. It helps us to be good players and can win the game. Let us see the explanation in the following. 

Having The Highest HP

As mentioned earlier, Hylos MLBB provides the highest HP. This fact presents how strong he is. We can compare it to all heroes in Mobile Legends. 

Here, players know that Hylos is not easy to beat and has become the thickest hero. Other heroes will find it difficult to defeat him. Thus, most players select this tank hero in Mobile Legends. 

Besides, his regen abilities are good too because of his passive capabilities. It enables Hylos to give HP regen continuously during the game. So, players are not required to use their Regen HP items.

Delivering Excellent Mobility

As a top tank hero, Hylos ML has excellent mobility. It is his first and leading strength in the game. It makes him chosen among other tank heroes. 

Through here, players can know further about this strength. It shows his fast movement as a tank hero. His quick speed can roam all lanes at ease.

Furthermore, his excellent mobility shows another good thing. As his ultimate ability, he can do speedy ganking. It also helps to increase his teammates’ movement speed during the game. 

This brief explanation illustrates that Hylos is a favorite compared to other tank heroes. He fits for open war or even for escape skills in Mobile Legends. 

Using Skill Continuously

Build Hylos ability presents us with his unique passive skills. It allows players to use Hylos skills constantly. Because of his passive skill, players can convert HP to mana. 

Of course, this is a good sign for tank heroes. He will have no difficulties applying and using his mana. 

Additionally, Regen Hylos’ HP is high too. It is even higher than other tank heroes and makes him lead among others. 

So, players should not worry about their Hylos ML HP problem. Once it is reduced due to changing, it can adjust promptly. 

Easy To Play

Apart from his complete power, this hero tank offers players another good thing. Players can play Hylos without difficulties. This thing makes novices can play him at ease too. 

Hylos has simple skills that enable each player to activate it comfortably. Thus, they can beat the opponents in Mobile Legends and win the game. 

Starting from his first skill to shock the opponents. Then, they can use the second skill providing area attacks. 

Moreover, Build Hylos ultimate skills contain a movement speed. This skill can buff all Mobile Legends teammates. 

Ideal For Ganking

Aside from the above facts, Hylos has another advantage. He is suitable for ganking. Thus, he has become one of the most chosen tank heroes. 

It happens because of his ultimate ability. This skill helps buff players to increase movement speed in Mobile Legends. 

The Weakness of Hylos MLBB

Weakness of Hylos

After knowing the strength, players should also learn about Hylos weaknesses. Through this, you can beat your opponents promptly. Let us see the information below. 

Have No Escape Mechanism Skill

One of his weaknesses is the absence of an escape mechanism skill. This skill enables tank heroes to form in a blink. It is required to save tank heroes from the opponents’ attack. 

An escape mechanism skill is essential for any tank heroes in Mobile Legends. It allows them to escape or even idle the opponents. Without this skill, Hylos ML can not escape from their enemies. 

However, players can cover up this skill with others. They should use flicker to overcome this weakness. Moreover, they can use the ultimate skill to beat the opponents. 

Once knowing this trick, players can make Mobile Legends more interesting. The best build Hylos can defeat his enemy, although he has an absence of skill. 

Having Relative Low Damage

Talking about low damage makes players realize Hylos’ weakness. This hero tank presents relatively low damage. 

Hylos releases the damage in the second skill. It gives only a gradual damaged area. So, it is not too strong in beating the opponents. 

This attack is almost similar to Kaja. Once the opponents are nearby, they will not get massive damage attacks. Unfortunately, Hylos presents quite small damage. 

Of course, the damage does not affect your opponents much. Yet, players can use this attack to give slow effects in Mobile Legends. 

Lack Of Low Control Ability

Hylos ML also has the next weakness that is very lacking in Crowd Control ability. It has become a sad fact about this tank hero.

As a hero, Hylos merely owns CC skills as his first skill. Unfortunately, this skill can only stun one hero. 

From here, players know that his ability is minimal. Compared to other tank heroes, they have CC around them. So, they can beat the opponents promptly. 

If you choose Hylos Mobile Legends, you should use a core hero. Otherwise, you can use the CC on the marksman. 

Easy Initiator Skill

As a hero tank, Hylos has to have the initiator skill ability on the counter. However, this skill is quite easy for him. 

If players compare to other tank heroes, they have good CC equipment. Additionally, they can bind the opponents. Unfortunately, Hylos has an easy initiator skill to counter. 

It results in every enemy hero being attacked by Hylos. It makes them escape easily. They can get out from Hylos’ hook line. 

Not Optimal Using Ultimate Skill

This fact is the last weakness of Hylos. Mostly, it is often not used optimally. It makes this hero tank easy to defeat. 

Because of that, players can not maximize the information. Hylos ML can not get details from other teammates’ heroes. 

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