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Understanding Strengths and Weaknesses of Jawhead Mobile Legends

As a popular hero Fighter, Jawhead Mobile Legends is ideal for beginners or pros. This hero struggles when he is playing rank. If you are an ignorant player, you had better pick this hero. 

In this post, we can learn about his strengths and weaknesses. Here is the following explanation that helps us to understand this hero further.

Strength Of Jawhead

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Like many other hero fighters, Jawhead also has the power that defeats his opponents. Let us see the list of his strengths below. 

Having Great Damage

Players can directly know about Jughead’s main strength in the early game. Jawhead MLBB power has become his first advantage during Mobile Legends. So, he has great damage even in the earlier game. 

Because of that, Jawhead is very deadly and feared. His opponents are worried about this powerful strength. This damage does not come from the items used.

Jawhead has great damage because he has passive skill. It is called Mecha Suppression. Additionally, this skill gives benefits for Jawhead.

Using this skill, Jawhead can strengthen his basic attack. It can reach up to 8% each time he uses damage to his opponent. Besides, players can stack up this skill for Jawhead Mobile Legends up to ten times.

That is why this skill gives advantages during each fight. Players can kill their opponents without difficulties. In the early game, they can win the battle in Mobile Legends. 

Having High Durability

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The second strength is his very high durability. Because possessing this strength, his opponents are not easy to kill Jawhead. Additionally, he can play bars that make him win the battle without difficulties. 

Jawhead MLBB durability will remain high, although he does not use his defense items. Compared to other heroes, this strength makes players wonder. His durability remains high because he has Ejector as his second skill. 

His second skill helps to increase the movement speed up to 30%. Moreover, it can provide him with a shield. During the fight, Jawhead can use this shield to absorb damage up to 600. It includes 100% of total physical attacks for five seconds. 

Aside from that, this hero can use other powers. He can take an additional shield that makes him have very high durability.

Owning Unbeatable Crowd Control Skill

As a hero, Jawhead Mobile Legends also has crowd control skills. This ability is both powerful and deadly. That is why this hero is not easy to kill by the opponents.

During the game, we learn that Jawhead owned four skills. Then, two of them can provide a powerful crowd control effect. Players can use his second skill called Ejector many times. 

This skill helps to throw the target in the right direction. Besides, this strength can provide Jawhead 300 or + 80% total physical attack. Applying this skill can present Jawhead with a stunning effect on the specified target of around 0.5 seconds.

Jawhead also has the ultimate skill called Unstoppable Force. It allows him to lock one target. Besides, Build Jawhead Mobile Legends can use this skill to chase and deliver a short stun effect. 

Apart from that, this skill can provide a knockback effect. It results in 400 with + 100% of total physical attack to fight the opponent. By combining both skills, Jawhead can make any hero not move. 

Transforming Into Hero Tank

Besides the above strength, Jawhead also owns another power. Players can use him as a Tank hero. Of course, this will be a great advantage for Mobile Legends fans. 

After transforming into a Tank hero, he can have high durability. It allows him to play bars once the game starts. Transferring into tank hero can make Jawhead Mobile Legends easily win the battle. 

Moreover, he can get many assists or kill points. Thus, he can get MVP by getting the points. 

As a Tank hero, Jawhead can protect the hero cores very well. He can use the crowd control skills once he becomes a Tank hero. In this way, he guards hero cores and saves them from danger. 

Performing As A Lively Hero

Jawhead is also a very agile hero. His skills help to beat the opponents. So, they will not be getting close at ease.

Jawhead mobile legends story also informs us about his second skill called Ejector. It helps him to increase his movement speed. Thus, he can get up to 30% of movement speed. 

By applying Ejector, the opponent can not run away from Jawhead. It makes them weak and easy to defeat. 

The last one is his ultimate strength named Unstoppable Force. By using this skill, he can lock an opponent from far away. After that, he will chase them and give damage, including a short stun effect. 

Weakness of Jawhead

Jawhead MLBB

Apart from this strength, Jawhead Mobile Legends has several weaknesses too. By knowing this, we can understand his drawback in Mobile Legends. 

Performing As A Slow Hero

Although having a list of strengths, Jawhead lets us reveal his weaknesses. One of them is a slow hero. Of course, this thing can be vital during the game. 

If he faces Miya in Mobile Legends, she will beat him to death. Jawhead’s speed of attack is below her. Thus, he can not escape from her ultimate skills. 

Having No Escape Skills

Not only the above weakness, but he also has another weakness. Unfortunately, he does not have the ability to escape from opponents. Once he gets attacked, he will be trapped in an ambush. 

From the Jawhead mobile legends story, we can know about his defensive abilities. It lets him defeat the opponents and win the game. Once he gets attacked, he only relies on his defensive ability. 

The above brief information tells us about a few weaknesses of Jawhead. By understanding these, players can have the possibility to win the game without difficulties. 

The weaknesses also help players to learn better about this hero before buying him. Therefore, Jawhead Mobile Legends is ideal for players who want to win the game and be a hero. 

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